Monday, June 15, 2015

Party decorations: DIY Number

It's the start of party prep week around here. We are having a Popstars party at the end of this week and as my very crafty little princess loves to make things (and we want to make the special days special) we have some prep to do. So we started with a big Ol' number 7. Seems like the best place to get this party started. 

Since I'm trying to reduce reuse and recycle as much as possible. I searched the house to make this 7 happen. 

I found a nappy box. Sweet! 
Old party decorations. Check! 
Hot glue gun, sticky tape and scissors. Check, check, check! 

Crack open the Nappy box, or what ever box you find, draw desired number. Since the box wasn't big enough to do in one go, I drew the top half on one side and the bottom on the other side. And stuck them together. 

Chop chop and sticky tape together. 

Wrapped the 7 in tissue paper. 

Hot glue on decorations. I was lucky enough to have paper pom-poms left over from a different event. I chopped them in half and glued the bottom onto the 7. 

I've seen some people use: paper patty pans, flowers, tinsel, anything really just make it pretty.

Fluff out the Pom poms, or what ever you used, and hang it up