Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second Trimester All At Once

Seeings as second trimester is wildly different to first trimester, a breeze some would say. Some. I'm gonna skip the weekly questions and walk through the pictures. Cause let's be honest pictures are more fun. (Really a pregnancy flip book would be cool! Flip through the pages and the belly grows. That's fun) 

Here's the 2nd Trimester Overview

Second trimester for me has physically been fine, morning sickness cleared up, I'm still on Zyrtec and Aspirin (for the placenta), sleeping pretty comfortablely and only getting up once to wee (important facts to know right!). 
Belly button is still definitely and inny with no "popping" in sight. My feet are dissapearing when I look down and ankles are swelling at night time. I've chosen to take my rings off at night, it's not a necessary step just yet, but the fluid from my legs disperses while I sleep and so my fingers feel like sausages in the mornings. 

This pregnancy my placenta is at the front, anterior, so I had to wait until 20 weeks to feel movement and can I say, that sucked!! I feel my babies from 11 weeks onwards. That beautiful little bubble popping sensation to tiny little kicks and then full on limbs colliding. Nothing! Gah! Not very soothing for a mummy who has just walked through having a baby who stopped moving altogether. So I had a mental breakdown by 17 weeks and got an to make sure all was ok, and it was. Phew! 

What else? We found out what the babies gender is. :-)... You want to know right?  All in good time my friend, all in good time. 

Ok! Now for Bump!! 

Bubble second trimester. 

                   Hello Third