Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIY: Air Guitars -Rock Out Party!!!

It's birthday week this week for our little man. He's been counting down since last years birthday, or there abouts, the "how many more sleeps?" Question is still burning my ears. My answers looked a little like this after trying to explain months and days and years just didn't answer the question sufficiently. 

-A bazillion sleeps
-A million sleeps
-A thousand sleeps
-A hundred sleeps (invites out by now)
-10 more sleep 
9 ... 8.... 7... 6... 5.... 4.... 3... 2... 1...
Laminating his invitations 

And here you find me. One sleep to go, one excessively excited 4 year old. As little gifts have arrived in the mail Phoenix has taken it upon himself to hide them from himself. The toy room cupboard has one, daddy's studio has another and the top of my cupboard another. Very cute. 

As well as a birthday day tomorrow, on Saturday there's a Rockout Party. A couple of close friends are coming over and together will air-guitar their way through their favourite songs. 

Backstage pass Invites hot off the press

Make Your Own Air Guitar!! (A little DIY)

For the basic air guitar you'll need: 

Big packing boxes/cardboard boxes
Stanley Knife and muscles

Trace a guitar if you have one available. Or sketch out a basic guitar shape and Stanley around them. (Watch your fingers, protect yourself and your floor, don't be silly, use common sense here) 

If you want to add detail and make this Rockout guitar a little more rock star worthy you'll need:

A big ruler. 
Ribbon and glue 

Paint the body of the guitars your chosen colour. 

Using sharpies (textas/pens) draw on guitar details. Use the ruler for the strings. 

Cut the ribbon to the size of your child and glue on the shoulder strap to the back side of the guitar. 

Tomorrow I'll show you the finished product!! You know. Once the glue has dried.