Saturday, August 15, 2015

DIY Cloth Wipes. Baby Wipes.

I'm gonna call them Baby wipes but these can be anything wipes. From butts to benches and hopefully not both at the same time. Just a disclaimer, I'm not making these to perfection! You can, I'm not. 

I plan on doing some (part time) cloth nappies with our upcoming baby, I did a few with Phoenix and a couple with Milla. With each baby I get more confident and also the nappies available increases. My kids have sensitive skin so chemicals in nappies/diapers are a bit of a concern to me. Phoenix gets chemical burns/rashes easily from night time pull ups, and the natural disposables (oxymoron) work better for him, they just don't make them in his size yet. 

So back to making wipes. I am making wipes because like avoiding the chemicals in the nappies, I also want to minimise the chemicals from wipes. 

Since I'll be washing cloth nappies anyway, I'll just throw these wipes in at the same time. 

For the wipes I'm using old 100% cotton flannel baby blankets. I've had these for years and have never had any use for them. Until now! 

Measure and cut to the size you want. 
I did 15cm x15cm for most of the blanket and then 12x12cm for the last part that didn't measure to 15cm. 

You could be fancy here and curve the edges instead of pointy corners. 

You could be done here if you want. Or sew an edge around the wipe so it doesn't fray *not pictured* 

To use the wipe: Pick it up. Then wipe object/baby. :-) 

Feel free to dampen the wipe with water or make up an awesome baby wipe solution like many people have blogged about. 

Doing a DIY doesn't have to be complicated, use what you have around the house xx