Sunday, July 19, 2015

Number 4! WHAT!!!!

Surprise! Here comes Baby #4. 

Let's start this little journey with the standard pregnancy questions. Then I'll back track and cover the earlier trimester later. 

How far along?  
This week is 21weeks!! 
I'll post the progression photos to catch you up to this week. But until then, I can say that the first trimester dragged its muddy feet along so slowly I thought it would never end. The second has motored along to the point where now I'm hoping it slows down a bit!! 

How big is the peanut? 
Peanut is the size of a pomegranate or a cantaloupe depending on what app/site you look at. 

Total weight gain/loss? 
No idea really, ha! I'm gaining, I think it's a total of almost 4kgs so far. 

Maternity clothes? 
Both, I can still wear most of my regular clothes but it's much more comfy to have maternity pants on. 

What's with light sleeping? Seriously. Of all times to have great sleep it would be now, but alas. I wake at every sound. And then add in a bathroom trip. 
Thankfully I can still sleep on half my tummy and when I am asleep I am comfy. 

Best moment this week? 
More prominent kicks. My placenta is at the front with this pregnancy so I haven't felt much at all up until this point. Every kick is like a little "hello I'm here" 

Not nauseas at all. Actually barely feel pregnant apart from the obvious bump. 

Food cravings? 
All food! If I see a picture of it, I'll want it. If I smell it, I want it. If it's mentioned, I want it. Etc

Food aversions? 
None out of the ordinary. 

Yes we know!!! But I'll leave that to another day. 

Labor signs? 

Belly button in or out? 

What I miss?

What I'm looking forward to? 
Wine. And that first cry. 

Made it to over half way through this pregnancy!! Yay!!! And that I have only had one mental breakdown, I'm pretty pumped with that. A placenta at the front and not feeling kicks is very disheartening (when not feeling kicks was the tip off that something was wrong with Emmes Pregnancy). 

Yup. A definite bump going on here.

More to come: Positive pregnancy test after stillbirth. Dealing with pregnancy anxiety. Etc.