Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DIY Jessie from Toy Story Costume.

It's Book week at school, which means we get to dress up! And by "we" I mean Milla does and I just get to have fun putting it together. Although. I must say. The older she gets, the more she can do it all herself. Which is sad for my desire to do it all myself haha! But! Milla is very capable, and I reluctantly hand over {some of} the reigns. 

Back to book week! Milla has chosen Jessie, from Toy Story. Yeah I know it's book week and that's a movie. BUT! We have several books based on the movie so Cha-Ching. It works for me. 

So here's our late night craft adventure...

Cowgirl Cuffs. 
Yellow card
White paper
Craft glue 
Red sharpie

Cut, cut, glue, glue, draw, draw. 

Jessie Cowgirl Pants
White tights from Kmart
Black Fabric paint from Spotlight 

Paint in moo-print splodges. Use the Hair drier if you get bored like I did waiting for it to dry. 

Cowgirl Belt with special designed buckle. 
MDF circle 
Pens and a little person with an awesome creative mind. 

Design the buckle and glue.  
(Yes there is a Nutella Jar drawn on her buckle. We are all addicted) 

Jessie shirt 
White cardigan (Kmart) 
Yellow and Red Fabric pens (or just pens, but beware when washing that it will just run everywhere) 

Sketch on the Jessie design (one loop up, two loops down) and colour it in. 

Cowgirl hat 

We searched everywhere and couldn't find a red hat. So we settled for a cowgirl brown. What's nice is we can shorten it and wear it again... Ha! No, but really. It's quiet unisex so next year when Phoenix decides to go as Woody. We are ready to go. 

The hat we got is made from a felt-like, rubbery material. A lot of Easter hats are made from it. (I'm sorry I don't know what the materials called, it has no tags.) It's a costume hat, not a real one. 

Costume Hat (party shop)
Cross Stitching thread and needle

Because it's a costume hat, I could easily sew a boarder around the edge and glue on a matching ribbon.

Late night pajama craft time with my girl.

Tomorrow is the big reveal!!