Monday, May 25, 2015

A little time to create

It's been a big few months. Lots has happened and nothing really at the same time. I have been feeling quite like the wind was knocked out of me and sitting and staring at a blank wall was a great option for life. 
However it's not. 

So here's a tiny little craft I did with my kids yesterday, small stepping stones to refreshing that inner joy that I find while being creative. 
...           Food colouring Painting. 

I made the mistake of running out of kids paint, my kids loooove to paint. 

We are having a home couple of days while we wait for whooping cough tests to come back (hopefully we don't have it, but we were in contact with those who did, so this is just a precautionary step to not spread anything) 

So. Here's the situation.  Out of paint. Kids not allowed TV or iPads all day. Getting restless inside and starting to make mud pies outside (ew, but good on them). 

Mummy finds 4 disposable cups. The kids are curious- and suddenly thirsty. Mummy fills the cups 1/4 with water- "odd, but we can drink that" they think. Out comes the beloved food colouring box from the baking shelf. Eyes widen. 

I dip 5 drops into the first cup- mind blown! MUMMY I CAN DO THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!! The kids take over and before we know it (all the colouring is gone) and blue fingered children are very happy with the results. Now what? 

Cotton ear buds. Two in each cup and outside at the table. It took about 5 mins of standard rainbows and fireworks pictures and they discovered they could dip into other containers and create different colours. Beautiful. 

Once they finished their pictures they each set up shop and sold them for .05c each. I may be out of pocket $2, but they had a blast. 

I got the coins back in the end and got to keep the pictures too (how generous).