Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Experiment With Colouring Flowers

Most Tuesday's I take flowers out to where we remember Emme. Since she doesn't have her plaque yet, I like to make sure she has something there that's from us. While we were scouting for flowers at the shop Milla was absolutely floored by the multicoloured roses. "Mum!!! These are real?!!!" 
They sure are!

But I'm not paying $20 for them. When you buy flowers every week it adds up pretty quickly. 

Today I had my heart set on some sweet innocent white roses for Emme, which also works for showing Milla how to make coloured flowers. 

      .... Making coloured flowers ... 

Our little experiment part 1! 

Remember the food colouring from last post? I kept it on the odd chance the kids wanted to do more painting or if something came up to use it. Seemed a waste to just throw it out. 

I chopped some plastic cups in half with knife. (I could have done this more gracefully, but, eh, it worked ha!) Poured in the food colouring/water mixture. 

Slice the bottom of the stems in half and slip in them into two colours.  

On the kitchen window sill ready to absorb the colours.  Let's hope this works!!  

Milla sat on the sink for another couple of minutes watching the flowers, wondering why they weren't changing colour. Cutie. Once I explained it would take a while to transform she was happy to run off and play again.