Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dairy Free Easter

Easter is just around the corner, a mere "fwee" sleeps away according to my 3 year old. But I'm sure it's more than that, actually I know it's more than that, but lets be honest, it's not worth trying to explain that sometimes. Easter is lots of sleeps buddy-boy, lots of sleeps. And he's fine with that answer.

This week at school Milla and her friends are making easter hats from 2lt ice cream containers. This year I sent plastic easter eggs hot glued onto cardboard shapes to make it easier to stick to the container. I'll show you soon! Everyone having the same container makes it less of a competition and more of a craft activity. I like that.

Plus, if I had to make it with her, I would probably take over and make something rather extravagant in an attempt to display my awesome crafty blogger extraordinaire  mummy skills- not the point at all.
er, ok, back to Easter.

With Easter many sleeps away, I have had to start thinking of what we are going to do. Dairy allergy and lactose intolerance means the good-ol Chocolate easter egg hunt is on the back bench and something fun and exciting is in it's place....

Dairy Free Easter Egg Hunt

via Lil' Luna

Thanks Lil' Luna for the idea (via Pinterest) 

This is how we are going to do our Easter egg hunt! Glow strings (bracelets) in plastic eggs!! No food treats inside just the glow strings to play with.  How fun is that!

Dairy Free Easter Eggs

There has to be some Chocolate running about on Easter, this is the one we get:

I like the Moo Free Brand because it's also gluten free, soy free, egg free, etc, etc... Just because we have allergies doesn't mean we cant have Easter Eggs!

Dairy Free Easter: Non-Chocolate ideas.

My son doesn't like chocolate! I know, he's super weird, he's more of a sweets/lolly fan. So here are some ideas of what you (and I) can put into an easter basket or even into those plastic easter eggs.

For inside Plastic Eggs:
  • Craft items, with the intention of using them straight away on an Easter craft 
  • Pom Poms 
  • Sequins
  • glitter glue 
  • stickers 
  • baby chickens
  • cotton balls (for bunny masks)
  • Toy Cars
  • Little notes (with bunny foot prints on it)
  • Polly pocket
  • little dress jewellery
  • Breakfast Cereal 
  • lollies/sweets 
  • Coins

For inside an Easter Basket:

  • Easter books
  • Larger craft projects (eg. a Bunny Face mask that requires the supplies from inside the eggs)
  • Puzzles
  • Cookies
  • Easter DVD's
  • Stuffed Animal (I personally wouldn't)
  • Anything Bunny/Chick themed. 
  • Board Games (Something everyone can enjoy together)

We will be leaving a note for the Easter Bunny, making sure he knows we can't have Gluten/Dairy etc. I'm sure he will understand, because he is a very smart bunny!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shh! Baby Is Asleep!... Custom Sign

I've been keeping myself busy with custom signs. Lovely, luscious, people who have their heart set on something pretty, well, they usually send me a description or a picture of what they are after and then I hopefully create it for them.

Fast forward to these lovely, luscious, and quite possibly expecting clients.

I got sent a picture of a "The Baby is asleep" sign.  It was a very simple sign and design, they just wanted a few little modifications, cause they didn't have a doorbell.

So here's what it turned out like....

To the clients who are set to receive this fun little edition to their front door...

Congratulations! On your new bundle of joy!!!

Pity it doesn't work on the dog.
But hopefully it will work on everyone else.