Friday, September 12, 2014

21.6 - Here we go!


Now I know those numbers don't mean too much to you... yet. But they will, cause you'll be hearing about it a bit.

I've made it to 21weeks 6 days... weeks of what?  Pregnancy! Wholly heck! What! Yup it's true.

21 weeks and 6 days

Top 5 questions answered:

1. Was Baby planned?: Yes, very much so. We felt like someone was missing from our family. That little someone is now on it's way. Baby was planned right down to the month that we wanted it's birthday to be in. Thankfully we are able to plan that kind of detail, some people can't and we would never take it for granted.  

2. How far along when you found out?: I knew we were pregnant back in April, at 3.5 weeks. Before I'd even skipped a period.

3. How did you tell Hubby?: I went everywhere to find a funny card... I didn't even write in the card just put the test in it. I actually kept it a secret for 3 days cause I almost didn't believe it, when I gave it to David he was ecstatic. Couldn't have dreamed for a better reaction.

4. How did we tell family?: Like this...

Photo taken at 5 weeks pregnant.

5.   How did we announce on social media?: Like this.....

Updated photo taken at 12 weeks pregnant

I still fit into my regular jeans... when you're over half way pregnant with your third baby. This is a feet unto itself and I'm pretty proud as punch.