Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When Life Stops To Weep

This year, 2014, has been a huge year already. It has been filled with incredible heartache. Heartache that has such depth, that it is exceptionally hard to breath at times. When you can feel every one of your heart's beats followed by that sickly heavy feeling. Countless tears that have been wept over too many cherished souls gone too soon. Each and every one of them dear, dear , dear. Each and every one desired, loved and wanted.

Today as the sun is out, and with the heartaches still so fresh and heavy within the depths of Ones self, I am reminded to look up, and look to the Son. Not the sun, the Son. Jesus.

That I, and you, don't have to bare life's sorrow alone. Jesus, who weeps along with us, is close. When life is way to big to breath, there is Jesus. When life is too fast to function, there is Jesus. When life is punching you in the face with everything it can find, there is Jesus. When life doesn't make sense. There is Jesus. He is our hope.

When life stops to weep, so does Jesus.
Take heart in that,
It's not skipped over, 
It's not washed away,
He weeps when you do,
He rejoices when you do.

In all of life's seasons.
Thank God for Jesus.  

So Be Brave Dear Friends. 
Brave involves tears, 
Brave involves using the last milligram of strength in the tank, 
Brave involves leaning on One who cherishes every tear we shed. 

Thank God. 
For Jesus.

{Photo: Excerpt from Lisa Leonards Instagram, original source unknown}