Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On My Desk & Dolly Parton

In between singing and dancing to High School Musical songs with my son and doing homework with my daughter, there is a few moments a day to get some work done in my little art studio space. 

I love this little space, (quite often it's littered with paint brushes, scraps of paper, and fabric as I tend to be the messiest person in the world at times). When the mess is cleared, and space has returned. What a difference a clear bench can make to your mental mess capacity, phew!  

So what's on my desk?  Standard issue: there's wet paint, only 1.5 hours to go till next coat. 

Rubber mallet for closing paint tins, 120 sanding paper, paint tin opener, cling wrap/plastic wrap for when I'm not quite done with brushes and rollers. Two smaller planks of wood for resting projects on, and my phone, which has run out of space, thanks for the reminder! Must download! 

I paint on an old door mat (one of many drop sheet options, this is the smallest). It's a thick cotton mat that I can throw in the wash if I need to.

Down the other end I have spare timber, Plywood, metre long level, jars of paintbrushes, pink polkadot whiteboard which is perfect for To-Do lists! and a Zanzibar Gem plant to purify the paint fumed air a little. Big breaths in of O2.

Can I just say that a Zanzibar Gem is supposed to be the hardiest plant, and thrives on neglect. I have actually killed one before- I have awesome plant skills. not.

Well that's whats on my desk for this week! You got anything crafty going on?

Looky, Looky! See what me and my mummy got to do!

Dolly Parton!  

I love Dolly Parton! She's a little pocket rocket with a huge voice! And I'm pretty thrilled that I actually got to hear her sing live. What a thrill, and even better I got to have the best girls weekend with my mummy! 

...and yes, I did sing working 9 to 5 at the top of my lungs. No shame here ;-)