Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Learning Through Fun: Water Painting Sight Words

Milla is in grade one now, she is loving it, and she is doing really well. I, however, really want to make sure I'm doing my best to make sure her home learning is happening along side school learning.  Not just the boring fill in the sheet and off you go... but something a little more creative to make it super fun and stick in her mind.

What's handy is Milla has a super messy.... err crafty Mumma who can set up these activities while she's at school, ready for homework time after school. As with most of my at home projects, I try to keep expenses to a great big whopping $0. 

Practicing Spelling With Milla
{Sight words, spelling, writing, memory skills, etc}

Water Painting. 

We used to do this when she was much littler for fun... now that she's much bigger we can do it for  
{hidden practical} fun

Things needed... Water and a Paintbrush (or finger)

Fill up a little bowl with water,
Call out the spelling word or show them the word.
Dip paint brush and "paint" the word.

We used our chalk board cupboards as our canvas, however there are many other options to do on different days: cement,  pavers, outside walls, outside plastic table, anything you need cleaned exceptionally slowly with a paintbrush, or anything you don't mind getting damp.

 Once the words are done... continue to paint as they please.
Feel free to revise shapes, letters, symbols...

Learning through Fun