Sunday, March 16, 2014

Learning Through Fun: Alphabet Stamps

My aim, as you heard last post, is to make learning fun at home. Complimenting what my daughter is learning at school, beyond the homework sheet, into the craft box! 

Alphabet stamps are inexpensive, and very fun. 
(You can also DIY your own set of alphabet stamps with foam letters and glue)
When you get bored with them- you find a new ink pad colour and away you go again!

These particular stamps are from Kikki K. 
A birthday gift from a wonderfully thoughtful friend.

 Sorting out the letters. 

Several great things about using ABC stamps with kids:

  • Eye strengthening/training (searching for the letters)
  • Hand/Eye coordination 
  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor skills (depending on stamp size)
  • Concentration
  • Fun

Starting our spelling words for the week.... Purple...

Each letter has to be found, inked and stamped. and repeated for every word. It's a bit more time consuming so it takes more concentration. But when you're using glittering gold ink, life is pretty fanatic really and you get lost in the sparkling of it all.

There was no distracting Milla from doing this activity. Princess Sparkle and all things glitter, was in her element.

O.o We are about to have a lesson on which way to press down the stamp 
to have the letter the correct way up.