Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Little Diva & Little Dude Bibs

This is one edition to the Newly Antique stash that I am very proud of... 

 Little Diva & Little Dude Bibs.

Apparently all those wonky pot holders and skew-wiff odd-ball shirts we made in Home Ec wasn't a complete waste of time. Actually, my very talented Mother in-law showed me how to make these bibs, she is the gifted one who makes sewing look so simple that my three year old could do it... and then you try later by yourself and think, how on earth did she make this look so easy??!!! 

A little bit vintage

A little bit hipster

I really wish dribble bibs like this were available 3 years ago when I needed them for Phoenix. So much cuter than those big food bibs. 

And a little pop of colour

These Little Diva & Little Dude Bibs  and many more designs will be available through Inspiring Additions at Rouse Hill, Sydney, Australia, and very soon will be up on my Etsy shop Newly Antique.