Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Little Christmas Surprise

I got the biggest shock of a life time leading up to christmas.....

"Be at home at 12pm" 

Was all the direction I got given from my husband. Okay, fair enough I can do that, I thought. But how do you prepare for such a surprise? No direction at all, as to what was happening, or who was coming or anything. So I washed my hair, shaved my legs, and got out of my PJ's... well it's a good start right??!!

To my utter delight at 12pm, the Thermomix demo lady {Fiona} who I had met a few weeks earlier walked in my door. I was briefly confused before finally picking my jaw off the ground... I had been gifted {by my wonderful fambam} for Christmas, my very own....


Oh. my.goodness! Let the squealing begin! eeek!! I am spoilt beyond spoilt! I couldn't be more grateful for this amazing appliance that has quickly become the most used item in my kitchen. 

The first thing I made was guacamole. yum. a couple days later I packed it back away in its box and Thermie came on holidays with us!! There was no way I was leaving my prize possession at home! Travelling with allergies is hard, but I knew that if I took Thermie I could at least have some more control {and fun} over food. 

{Thermie with the Blade removed... kids licking the icing out of the bowl}

So we made Gluten free/ Dairy free cupcakes at Grandma's house 
and lots and lots of GF Almond pancakes. 

Then packed up again a week later and travelled to Auntie Courtney's, unpacking Thermie on arrival to make Sorbet {obviously! it was 40+ degrees and we were melting}

More almond flour made on holidays. Not bad for 5 seconds right? ha! 
Phoenix eats it right out of the bowl.

This is a cafe we stopped at on the long drive home... yes we BYO bread and butter and spreads...
BUT check out what's behind their huge stack of condiments... yup on their bench, a random cafe by the beach, a Thermie! 

"Yes, it shall hence forth be known as Thermie, and it shall be my Thermie"
-Kellie, Newly Antique.