Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So You'll Never Guess What Happened Next...

Just because life was feeling a smidgen boring at the moment *cough cough*

He jumped at Preschool (from the right height onto soft mats).... that's the easy part. Let's do a quick photo run through of the next few days...

At the Children's Hospital Emergency Department to find out what had happened and why things hurt so bad

Turns out it's a Spiral Fracture on his tibia... pretty right? 

1st cast on, lining up for our follow up Xray to make sure the fracture is still in a good place.

Yay! Time to go home, Wheelchair check, cast check, pain medication check, long long day finally done check. 

So in a snap shot... 2 seconds before he broke his leg and then playin' his sad country song

One AM and beyond Saturday night

Back to emergency department. As he was in so much pain still.

4am, first cast off, awaiting another Xray and cast number 2.

Almost home, in a new cast. Teddy and Blankie has done the whole journey. 

The new cast is helping so much!!! 
And 3 days in, he has mastered the chair. It's getting much less painful.

I'm tired. Goodnight!