Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest Picks: SHOES!!!

Oh my word!! EEK!

erm... okay, backtrack, before my teenage squeal of excitement.

In the wonderful world of Pinterest, there is one downfall.

I see!-I want!

Wanna see the shoes I'm loving oggling at the moment?  Pretend with me we have a bazillion dollars and can have these babies and a lot more in our closets. 

Little boots

Wedges are my favourite, super comfy.


Nautical blue and white *Drool*

Little bit of foot fun

Pretty right??!!

  (Shoes in order of appearance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Short Conversations

Here's my latest little crafted item to hit the shops...

Short Conversations, add a little touch of fun to your mantle, empty picture frame or picture collage... I have with you in red, pinned up between our family photos. Because, where else would I rather be? Than with my amazing family. 

 My very welcoming front door

Here are a couple more hello, hello's and love, 

Have also made hello in shiny silver and teal. A yellow Welcome, and a red With you. Really, the possibilities are endless! 

What word would you like to have in Short Conversations? I'll make it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Privacy Please

You walk up to a new house, you've never been there before, cannot tell if anyone is home. The door is closed,but the shades in the window beside the door are open.

Do you have a glance in to see if you can see anyone? Not rudely obviously! Just a glance to see if they didn't hear you knock.

I've found 10/10 can't help themselves, and well, guess where our window is? Yup. Right next to the door no sitting around in undies around here.

(Very dirty window)

(And excuse the Random bit of lint on camera)

Super-dooper easy to DIY! If you need a little bit of glass frosting head on down to a spray paint isle and grab a can of ...Glass Frosting! Ha! Pretty self-explanitory don't you think?

Frosted Glass... Lets in the light, keeps out the peepers.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project: Sultan the Footstool

I have a short tale to tell... 
*Sit with a cuppa and your posh pinky up*

 Miss Mallory, a beautiful young songbird, and I were leisurely walking around the Rozelle Markets. A Leisurely pace? Can only mean one thing, the munchkins who speed up any outing, creating less space and much noise clutter did not accompany us. 

Our umbrellas we did just put away before entering the winding stalls beneath the trees, the threat of a storm still hung in the air. Yet some, not all, braved the predictions and displayed their treasures proudly. Our soy lattes had barely cooled down long enough to drink when from a slight distance something caught my eye.

Four quaint legs and a robust body. Quirky details that puzzled. Raw and solid, padded and worn. Such potential was quite overwhelming. The thought of not obtaining such a piece was quite beyond imagination.

I must, I simply must! 

 Acquire the little Sultan.

The End
*Feel free to put your posh pinky down*

The sneak peak from Instagram.  

Local markets are a great place to find little gems, also a great place to find plain old junk.

Wonder where I got the name Sultan?

Remind you of someone?

I think I totally fell in love with this stool because of Beauty and the Beast! Ha!
What fun it will be to do her up!