Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Picks: February 2013

DIY Helpful Tricks!

Who doesn't want to know all the secrets of the trade??!! Some of my most favourite blogs (and sites) are the ones who spill all their secrets and let us know how they make things or the cheats to get to the end product quicker.

So here we go!

This one has two great tricks. 

One: How to make a projector!! I am very blessed to have a projector, but if you don't, here's a sneaky-sneaky awesome way to recreate the same thing.

Two: How to easily paint a large mural on your walls... (This is an awesome thing to know... hint hint- larger than life picture on a canvas maybe hmm-hmm? Just like my canvas project HERE)

Who wouldnt want to know how to  distress furniture easy??!!

"...I learned about this stuff that transforms acrylic craft paint into fabric paint.  It's called Textile Medium." -Carmel 
Shaaaweet! A Painting on fabric, thrifty little trick! Plus! Who hasn't wondered what that textile Medium does??!! aaand now we know.

Finally! A guide list of Mod Podge and what they are for! 
Mod Podge this, Mod Podge that, home-made Mod Podge... podge, podge, podge.

Before and After Basics: Waxing Tips 

Making furniture look Antique with wax. How super cute is this little dresser?? Add a little wax and a whole world of texture and depth has erupted! Love it.

Want a DIY for a vintage wood stain?

The little trick of steal wool or pennies in vinegar is a huge hit around Pinterest. I love that it's DIY, smells much better than real stain and made with every day things... very cool!


This is my handy find for the day (as I haven't Pin'd it just yet).... Glazing paint!! From... Drum roll...

A variety of colours, great price, and they also have beeswax polish and outdoor glazing paint. Oh and water clean up, my fav. (Pictured is Antique)

I'm excited by this because "Glazing Paint" is tricky to find for some reason... and if you say glazing paint to the sales assistant at hardware shops they look at you like you've just said "gobble gobble gooky gook gooken?" Random I know. 

So when one finds these things, one just has to share.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Petite Ballerina

Milla has started ballet, not to boast or anything... okay I'm her Mumma, I am totally gonna boast! She is doing great! and loves it! After 2 lessons she and her friend got bumped up to the next level. Level 3 for 6-8year olds, not bad for two 4 year olds hey?! 

I also love that I have my very own ballerina to photograph!! I adore Ballerina photographs, there is something magical about them, their grace, their beauty. Put a ballerina in the middle of the field of wild flowers- oh melt my heart. Put a ballerina in the middle of a city scape, instantly adds flow, grace, a softness to the hard surroundings. 

 Waiting for class to begin... 

 Little flower-child was born to dance

Lost in her thoughts

Monday, February 25, 2013

Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Pink

The rain has stopped, yet it's so humid that every bent limb starts raining the moment you step outside. Ok, so that may just be a poetic way of saying it's so muggy, I'm sweating up a storm. But I'd rather read bend limb than arm pit... gah yucky! ha!

So what do I do on a muggy day? Yup, dismantle a pallet. What a hot mess I was after that! But I had a cute view...
My view 

Phoenix was making mud castles... with his sisters hot pink safety headphones on! Ha! I usually steal them for when I'm doing work, but today they adorned his noggin' (I had earplugs instead). Well, I've got to look after his ears too. 


Completely oblivious to everything around him, rockin' the pink like it's cool, and digging in the mud. 

Mud pies for everyone! 
Much love. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

On This Rainy Saturday

 Sometimes being stuck inside just makes you go stir crazy, the house gets messy no matter what you do. Little people are under your feet every which way you turn and quietness is far from welcome.

However, for us, today, the rain is like the beautiful white noise of the lapping ocean. The mess is proof of fun and laughter. Everyone is calm, everyone is enjoying the company. I couldn't ask for a better day.

Do you ever have those days when you just want to stare at your kids and remember their smell, the lightness of their hair, that changed so slowly you hadn't even noticed it arriving. The soft baby skin and the restricted vocabulary that's like a puzzle to figure out.

"Bed! Bed!"
Say it again Buddy? 
"Bed! Bed!" 
... oh! Bread 
"ess peezz"

I'm having a lovely day! Falling more head over heels for my munchkins to the sound of the rain.

Busy building play-dough people

Ta-Dah! ... and then he "cooked" it in the play kitchen.      

Phoenix has asked at least once an hour to go jump in the puddles. But unfortunately little boys with runny noses don't get to jump in cold muddy puddles, no matter how cute they look in their gumboots, jocks, and hat... (there always seems to be a severe lack of clothing on this boy??!!)  

Meanwhile, Supergirl did her first homework. Some preparation for her news presentation at Kindy on Monday. She's going to talk about her family holiday adventure to the Zoo... First box has a plane with one family member in each window. The second box has Daddy and Phoenix matching in green and blue, while Milla and I match with hearts on our pink dresses. Cute!

On a completely random note! I tried red grapes for the first time. Silly I know! They are great. I have a weird thing about fruit that is hard on the outside and liquid on the inside. I do like green grapes so I figured I would like red ones.... But how do I get past my weird fruit thing? Eat half of it, and then the other half. Hey! I never said I didn't have quirks!  

I love my quirks! They make me, me. xx 

Have an excessively fun and relaxing weekend my fellow quirky loves!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday, Friday

Car service day, yup, it's that time of year again.

I dropped everyone off to school and daycare.... oh and! At day care it was fantasy friday, now, three weeks ago I sent Phoenix to day care dressed up like Henry the Octopus from the Wiggles... only to discover when we got there that I was a three weeks early!

Well that day had finally arrived...again... and I remembered once again to send the poor kid dressed up, so Dr Phoenix went with his stethoscope and Dr. box. Must point out, he loved being Henry the first time too ;-)
Dr Phoenix in his "fongs" and "at" ... can you translate that? Thongs and hat


I was stuck at the shopping centre from 9:15am- 2pm while my car got serviced. Forced to walk around slowly, by myself, into every clothing store and shoe shop.... okay. hmm. Maybe "stuck there" and "Forced" are not the right words to describe the situation! Haha! But I actually got pretty lonely after about 5 minutes.

Luckily I bumped into a beautiful mum and her baby from Milla's school. So we had lunch together to kill a few hours. Love it when something like that happens, definitely makes the day better to find a friend, even a brand new one, in the lonely times.

Then, thump, thump, thump,... pounding headache.

Not even Advil Fast was fast enough... actually it didn't even touch the sides of the pounding. 

Thank God for my hubby! Came home after work and looked after the kids and dinner, which allowed me to stay in a nice dark room to rest out of the glare. 

Milla and I might have had a cookie party in my bed... getting crumbs everywhere, while watching cartoons.

 Hope your day was a little less pounding than mine! ;-) Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Rollie Crates

Second crate done and dusted... these little babies are called... 

Little Rollie Crates
(cute huh!)

Holidays are over and the wood chips are starting to fly. By holidays are over, I mean, I have gotten into routine with the kids at day-care and big school and can now return to some sort of functioning. I have plans for at least 4 more of these Little Rollie Crates, or possibly ones that don't have cute little rollers. Shall see.  

Left, Mini Little Rollie Crate, she's new... Right, Little Rollie Crate, she's the original.

Antique white, metal, chippie. wonderful. 

Wonderful little storage option. 

Have a good day!! xx

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project: Little Pallet Crate

I love making boxes, all sorts... toy boxes, storage boxes and crates. They are not perfect and that's exactly how I like them. If I'm using up-cycled timber, I want some of it's worn-torn character to show through. Rough edges and dints, gaps and cracks. 

Here's the next little project completed and ready to go...

Little Pallet Crate

Plus it's got Little Castor Wheels!!!! I love them!!!!

Monkey and guitar are chilling out

 Almost see-through white, shows the wood grain.

Could be a mini toy box, or hold magazines/books/records...

I like miss-matched edges, and exposed screws.

Little Pallet Crate may get some words on the side, haven't decided yet.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Paper Needed, Outdoor Painting

Sometime you just don't need paper to paint on. The kids got a big roll of bubble wrap from a friend who moved house. We have been jumping on it frequently, so its just about run it's course and heading to the bin.

Outside it goes! Dump some colours on it and then open the back door for the kids to have at it! 

Phoenix brought a paintbrush with him and got very confused when I said he didn't need it. 
I love the delight kids get when they realise they are not supposed to stay clean.

That awesome paint squish feeling.

Hand prints

It was about now that I mentioned they could paint their shirts too...

*cue full body rolls* 

Wanna know how to clean up??

Yes, as you can guess, hose them down. Daddy loooooved this part.

So did the kids 

How To: Use Contact Paper as a Stencil

Most of the time I paint on words and details to my projects and leave the surrounding area as paint free as possible, however occasionally I want the words to be plain and the timber around to be painted. 

Using a stencil is a great way to block out the area not to be painted! 

I have seen on our beloved Pinterest that people use vinyl letters... I have never seen vinyl letters! So I have had to come up with an alternative to do the same job.

Use Contact Paper as a Stencil!
(If you're like me, you'll have a bunch left over from the start of the school year) 

Sharpie pen on Contact Paper
I did a quick freehand, however you could totally get official and neat and tidy with this step. 

Carefully cut it out.

You're left with something like this...

Peal and Stick it onto your project. Make sure the edges are pressed down well, to reduce any seepage. 
The first heart I cut out I wasn't happy with the size on the project, so I made a much bigger one.
(Ignore my spray paint covered hands!!)

Paint several light coats, then remove the contact. Thick coats tend to run much easier.

I have done this on timber and canvas projects-- I haven't done it on anything paper, for the obvious reasons. If you're using paper or cardboard for your project, try using 1. Cardboard as a stencil with double sided tape 2. Masking tape/Painters tape etc... 

Handy Tip!! Keep an eye out for removable wall stickers on sale!! These make great stencils!!!


In honour of Valentines Day.

It's got some yummy rough edges

Much Love!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is All Around Meeee....

Kissy Kissy! Get your lips all puckered up!

I'd also like to take this moment to say...

David Andrew! I love you!!!! 
My Valentine!

That's all xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spray Paint On The Walls

No joke. I just spray painted on the wall! Ha!

I love this little quote that I've seen floating around Pinterest lately. I'm not sure where it originated from so I can't tell you who originally penned it, but here's its Linky-loo so you can see where it's from... {Quote Source}

Our Studio Garage is where a lot of creativity happens, and being willing to leap in and believe in your own ideas has a huge part to play in creating. What better place to have this quote??!! 

Very Grunge-meets-Simplicity-meets-Minimalism I think.
No formal frames to box it in, how artsy!

Curiosity meets Crazy Face.

Leap out in creativity! 


In other news!

I have moved art studio space again, as we are lending out my art studio white room to a friend who needs a room for a bit.

So I have invaded the Man cave!! Which happily, David is okay with, phew! I've set up my desk so I can watch his cute butt the whole time... ok! I see why he likes it now. Haha! 

It's a work in progress...

Can you tell which is my side?
Fluffy rug, hearts, drill, paint brushes? 

Eventually there will be walls, but hey, one thing at a time. 

Me, trying to look cool in my new space.