Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fluffy Snowman Craft time

Walkin in a winter wonderlannnnnnnnd... well not really. It's more like:

"Walkin' through the sprinkler on the graaaaaaasssss. 

In the grass there is a blue tarp yeah,
On it goes the bubbles from the soooooap
you say 'are you ready?'
I say 'go now'

Walkin' thru the sprinkler on the graaaaasssss" 

Did you sing it? Go back and sing it.

After a fun morning at the local water park with friends, we came home damp and cooled off enough to do fluffy snowman craft. This would have to be the easiest craft projects around!

You'll need:

Black pen for the outline
Cotton balls
Kids Glue

You could get fancy and add other decorations like sparkles, real twig arms, paint for the orange nose etc... I didn't this time, maybe next time when we add to this project (I like to keep it and work on it throughout the week till it's finished) 

Kids tend to only have a 10-20 min window to focus on the one activity. So keeping it to one decoration option per craft time can draw this project out over a few days.

I set this up and then observed them while I made lunch in front of them. It kept them nicely entertained. If you have younger kiddies you may want to sit and be proactive in helping them. Or if you don't need to make lunch, sit and make one too... Playing together is fun! and your munchkins will absorb all that quality together time into their molecules. 

Tip: Allow them to stick the cotton wool on where ever they want. It's empowering and builds confidence in their personal self expression.

Merry Christmas!