Monday, November 18, 2013

Roast Chicken-Lickin and Veg

I could spend hours making a gourmet meal that tastes divine and looks delish, but the kids would no doubt turn their noses up to it and go to bed hungry. This little roast dish- takes all of about 3 minutes to prepare, looks rustic and loved and without a doubt, be gobbled up without a second thought. 

I love a quick and easy meal. Plus barely any dishes! Can I suggest this for your dinner tonight?

Roasted Chicken- Lickin and Veg

In one oven pan: 
Roughly chopped veggies {Carrots, celery onion}
Roughly chopped herbs {Rosemary and Thyme- fresh from my garden}

Plonk the chicken {organic, free range} on top of the herbs and veg

Put in your oven for about an hour (depending on size and weight etc)
I do 180deg celsius for about 45mins. 

Slice down between the Chickens legs and body to check if its cooked
or poke skewer in it to see if the juices run clear. 

Simple accompaniment of Roast Spuds.

Wash the dirt off your organic Spuds... err Potatoes {Cloth and running water}

Place on a baking tray and put it in the oven at the same time as the chicken.
Your knife should slip straight through when cooked.

Eat eat!

I don't even bother with oil or salt when I cook this, it's scrummy on it's own. And with food sensitive little ones, the less ingredients the better. 

The potatoes, make sure they are served with lashings of butter and Himalayan rock salt.