Friday, November 15, 2013

Return to Peace

Slowing down
Calming breaths
Normality here we come

For the first time in a while, this week has felt normal. Normal is a relative word. My normal doesn't look like your normal, nor could it ever (unless your my husband reading this or my kids- Hi Babe!!). If we all had the same normal, we would be... robots. 

*Cue Milla: I am a robot, I am a robot*

What has happened? Let's do a list format to get this over and done with.

Broke a leg, 
Weekly X-rays,
Fracture healed, 
Sprained the same leg,
Bilateral grommets,
Coeliac/gluten intolerance,
Bone Density scan,
Dietician appointments,
Pyrroles urine test,
I had a biopsy for coeliac, no damage seen. Praise God! 
Milla hearing test (which she aced)
Milla gluten/dairy free trail, a success.

I think that's it? Who cares really if there was anything else! Ha! Too much to think of as it is.

So! Been there, done that, bought the crutches.
Moving on!

Who is ready for Christmas??

I am so ready for making stuff! 

Oooo!  I should also mention some of Bloggy's upcoming changes!

Bloggy Blog Bloggity.

Newly Antique is proud to announce it will not only be a crafty little centre for wood-working-upcycled-fun.  It will become a little safe haven for my allergy friendly recipes, food intolerance/allergy information and general health, coeliac, well being and holistic health reviews, organic and green living.   

Phew! Did you get all that??

I originally was going to start a different blog to cater for the new areas, but then I realised that Newly Antique is where it's at. My life has grown to embrace a new area, where I spend 10 hours in the kitchen and therefore bloggy will too.

Partnering with Newly Antique... strolling hand in hand along the beach is my other Facebook page: 

{Facebook page: Organic World Come over and join the food and health revolution. 
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In case you've forgotten what we look like! 

Much love!!!

The FamBam!