Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nutty Organic Apple Cereal

I have read the ingredients of every single packet and box of cereal. None of them work for our family. None. All of the regular ones have additives and sugars and gluten and maize and ... you get the idea.
All of the health-food isle ones have brown rice or quinoa in them. All big no-no's for us. 

So what do I feed my kids who's intolerances and allergies list are longer than my legs?

Nutty Apple Crumble.

{This is my slightly-altered-to-fit-our-diet-requirements version of Wholefood Simply Better than Muesli recipe. Many, many credits and thanks goes to them. They helped pave the way to a better breakfast option for us!}

In your food processor... pulse, so it doesn't turn to mooosh.

Throw in handfuls and pulse as you go:

One cored and quartered Apple
Almonds (raw and hulled for us)
Coconut flakes 
Sunflower seeds
White Chia Seeds
a bit of Vanilla Powder 

{Use Organic produce every step of the way}

Was very yummy!

I ate all of mine, the kids ate a little of theirs. They said it was yummy so I'll take that as a good step towards eating a whole bowl. Tomorrow I think I'll roast it a little! yum! 


Why Buy Organic Apples?

Because apples usually rank number 1 on every "dirty dozen" list I've seen!
Pesticides cannot be trusted once ingested. Some pesticides are designed to make bugs stomaches explode. No, it wont make your stomach explode {we hope!} But it doesn't mean tiny little bug-size explosions wont happen in your intestines causing permeability... just sayin' 

So many people I know, or know of, turn to organic food once they have health challenges, cancer, allergies, intolerances, unknown sicknesses, IBS, gut disorders.... How about we start BEFORE the big health scare happens? 

Why buy organic?
     -Because you are worth it.