Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Magnetic Birthday Invitations

Magnets are a great invention... Metal fridges and magnets = ingenious! Keeps everything important at eye level at the place we all frequent (some of us way too often #notme... did I just hashtag in my blog?) The only other place we go to that same amount would be the dunny, but lets face it no-body wants to display the kids artwork in there. 

At my house I get junk mail, and a lot of it. Mixed into that junk mail are lots of well meaning small companies, real estate agents, and plumbers who believe with all their hearts that their magnet should grace my fridge (and hold up that tenth blobby painted picture) and be my go-to for call outs and real estate needs.  

Ok, so Junk mail equals free magnet supply for eternity. 

Let's not tell them I already have an electrician, and am about to go crazy on their well meaning advertising okay? Shh just between you and me. 

Da-Da- Duuuuummm!

The Boy is turning 3!! 

Phoenix and his bestie are having a joint birthday (They were born 4 hours apart on the same day)

Cute invite right??!! I am notorious for loosing invites and forgetting I have a party to be at, unless its stuck on the fridge.

So how do I make our invites stick to the fridge?? 

Drag out your hot glue gun and scissors
Rummage through your junk mail to find those free magnets (sorry companies!!) 

Chop chop, glue glue

 Stick it to the back of your desired invite.... glue down the picture-side of the magnet.

 Easy hey!

Hand it out to your friends and let them stick it on their fridge with their bills. No more lost invites.

This could work for all kinds of things...

  • DIY Wedding invites, 
  • Birthday invites, 
  • Transform an ordinary notepad into a fridge notepad
  • Chore Charts
  • Craft activities
  • Make pretty flowers magnets 
  • glue the magnets on the back of random collectables for fun fridge deco's