Thursday, August 29, 2013

Allergy Friendly Chicken Nuggets

These nuggets have to be my current favourite food to make. Mainly because its super yummy, but also my kids eat it!-- and in my world at the moment that is a major achievement! My little man is very fearful of food, new food, old food, everything except fruit, rice crackers, and GF breakfast cereal really.

To cater for our family's list of No-Go foods these Chicken nuggets are as minimal as possible. Gluten, dairy, soy, nut, egg, whole-grain, free!


Chicken Breast
Rice Milk (White rice milk for us)
Gluten Free Plain Flour (I used Orgran, gluten free, all purpose plain flour)
Salt (pepper optional)

Canola oil for frying (about half a cm deep, med high temp- Be careful!!)

Let's do this!!

1. Have 2 bowls ready; One with Rice milk and the other with GF flour and a touch of salt.

2. Chop your chicken into bite size pieces place them five at a time into the milk bowl. 

3. Transfer the milk dipped chicken into the GF Flour bowl and coat well. Place on a plate. Repeat till all the chicken is done. (if you have kids, this is a great step for them to help with!)

Coated Chicken ready for the frying pan.

4. Transfer them gently into the hot canola oil. (should bubble around them, but not too crazy)
Turn once golden

5. After they are golden on both sides place onto paper towel to cool

Dinner Time!!!!
Happy Eating!!


****Be careful with the hot oil. Don't let your kids do that part. Be sensible. 
***At your own risk ;-) Use your common sense peeps.