Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Allergy Books and Cookbooks

My reading list has changed lately. It seems to have morphed into more of a study-time than a leisurely escape into the caves of imagination. But I am loving it!  All my new information is not only interesting, but completely essential to my every day life!

Phoenix has a lot of allergies and intolerances. Coeliac/Gluten intolerance, Dairy, Soy, Buckwheat, whole-grains and Eggs are his major offenders. Milla is gluten, soy and dairy free also. As the primary food server and carer I have to be at least 10 steps ahead of these issues so Phoenixes tummy (gut) recovers and heals properly.

I know a lot of other people are struggling with the same dietary issues as we are, so here is my current list of "Must Read" books for Allergy and Intolerance sensitive families!

OR... If you have friends with diet restrictions like ours, I also highly recommend reading some of these books. You're gonna have a play date or dinner eventually with them "health freaks" (jokes) and there is nothing more fearful for an allergy sensitive family than trusting others to cook for them! Lessen the pressure by being aware of how important things are: like cross-contamination, natural food chemicals, hidden ingredients, etc.

Allergy Books and Cookbooks 

A great book to have on hand, and a great book for friends to read. (I got my copy from Kmart, but I've seen it in most bookshops)

Also known as "The Elimination Diet Bible"
This one is a little more in-depth and has great natural food chemical charts (Salicylates, Amines, Glutamate) Food additives information, Personal care lists, Medication, Environment, etc.

Works with the Elimination Diet handbook, also from the Royal Prince Albert Hospital
Yummy food, I've liked all the meals I've made so far.

Very helpful for finding substitutes for the top allergy offenders. Lots of recipes!

My trusty go to.... My Recipe book.

Never underestimate your creative imagination. Once you know what to avoid... get creative and make something up! Throw-together dinners can be the best, and easily shared with friends. 

Just remember to write it down if it's a success!! 
(P.S sometimes it's a complete failure! Laugh and dish up GF cereal! My kids think that's the best dinner anyways)

AND my latest!! which is still coming in the mail, but I am so very excited to get it!!!.....

I am hoping to get my kiddies into the kitchen more, choosing dinners that we can make together. With only slight ulterior motives to get them eating. One of the down sides of this journey has been Phoenixes distrust of food, so hopefully the more "control" he feels in the kitchen the more at ease he will feel at the table. 

We also have so many birthdays coming up and I don't want my babies to miss out on "normal" party foods. Not healthy, but definitely fun!

Cant wait!!