Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Echos From The Other Side

Have you been hearing crickets lately?

I know I have.

I look at my beloved blog and I hear crickets. The absence of activity seems to just draw images of crickets enjoying the solitude. Or! Someone standing at the entrance to a great big canyon and shouting





Well let me delight your ears and echo back a small but here-non-the-less Hello. From the other side of the canyon.

I'm still here, just taking the time from building and designing to get my family well.

Here's a little update on my Phoenix:

Last you heard he was getting coeliac tested and the screen test came back negative so he was given the ok to do an elimination diet... low and behold a few weeks into the elimination diet his genotyping for Coeliac came back positive.

Lets just say it was a little frustrating to find out after eliminating gluten about that positive test. Still the Dr assured me there was every chance he still didn't have the disease, despite his body doing it's best job to get rid of it and his symptoms and being so sick and his behavioural changes and his iron deficiency and his..... you know "the list".

*Breath Kellie Breath*

Anywho. Seeing a specialist Paediatric Dr this afternoon to discuss the results and how to progress.

I will share at a later date the results of Phoenixes Food Challenges.

I have also had my coeliac screen and genotyping done, as coeliac is highly hereditary.

I got the same results as Phoenix, Positive.

All I can say, is if Phoenix feels like I am or worse?.... no wonder he is miserable.


On a great note.
 I am ever grateful for the efforts of Phoenixes Allergy and intolerance Dietician, Amanda. Our lives are so much better (grand understatement!) since seeing Amanda and walking this journey with her!! 

Thank you Amanda!!

If you or your children are having health challenges I highly recommend getting help and pursuing answers.