Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ikea Hack: Kids Table and Chairs

One of the best things about buying Ikea furniture is  apart from it being cheap that a lot of their range comes in raw timber... Raw timber is just like normal timber except that it screams

I need a make over!

So, being such a great listener, *cough cough Sarcasm cough cough*  I did exactly what it screamed. Or I was having a cruddy day that coffee didn't fix, so I whipped out my paintbrush and attacked the first thing that got in my way.

Yeah, that sounds more like it. 

Deadly dull and boring. Covered in wheetbix, crumbs and last nights dinner as usual.

By the magic of Blogger land and several hours later.......

Nice and fresh in a Mint Green from Dulux

 Not just a black table top... it's a Chalkboard!!!
Chalkboard paint also from Dulux.

Waiting for dinner...

The Phoenix... sometimes there is no explanations 
He's crazy. Crazy cute two year old.
I said "look surprised Phoenix"
This is what I got.

hmm. Thanks buddy.