Friday, June 7, 2013

Don't Paint So Neat

Red, Blue and yellow were the colours available to create a contemporary work of art that was an expression of all I had to offer. There was also two small brushes and a medium/small foam brush to work with. Not the idea working tools, but what can ya do?

I had mastered the art of a rainbow featuring three more colours than what was available thanks to the wonderful skill of blending. boom. This creative expression was coming together sensationally. Then out of the depths of my soul came the desire to paint the thing I love most in the world...

My family.

David, Kellie, Milla, Phoenix.  

Oh it was beautiful, it was neat, it was......

So in the box! How rude of me!!!

I looked over to Phoenix painting his picture of scribbles and swirls and blobs. His freedom of form.

I looked at my poster paint Scrapbook paper painting of a rainbow and four stick figures and realised I wasn't being helpful at all to this mother/son play time.

"Phoenix, can you fix mummy's painting?"

SPLODGE! Squiggle, line and splat.

"Oh buddy! What colour should we use next??!!!

Buuuu! Buuuu! 
(Blue for those who don't speak 2 yo)

"Oh yeah! Let's use blue!!"

He proceeded to help me do amazing squiggles and swirls, he helped me choose colours. He didn't need to see mummy paint Van Gogh worthy picture, he wanted to experiment with tension and brushes and mixes and by me doing the same- I validate his creative expression. 

Can I remind you... Don't paint so neat. 

Jump out of that colouring-in line and live a little. ha! 

Mine on the left, Phoenix on the right.

We had so much more fun when we made a mess together.