Sunday, June 9, 2013

Always Carry A Car

We spent, what felt like, 90% of today at the local GP (Doctors). Milla has been unwell for the last 5 days. Poor little Princess, it was time for some medical help. Panadol and Nurofen just wasn't cutting it anymore. 

When we arrived at the Dr's there was 27 people in front of us! 


Sheesh! So we put our name in the queue and went and got some hot chips and a coffee hahaha!!

2.5 hours later. I realised that I had learnt a valuable lesson in the toy-less, only-footy-on-the-tv, no entertainment what so ever, phone almost flat, waiting room.

Always carry a toy in your handbag. 
Ok maybe this should have a *if you have kids. Cause otherwise it's weird and not applicable right? 

Phoenix, who is a very active 2 year old, was going a tad cray-cray. When I remembered: Lightning McQueen is in my handbag! I usually have a few mini movie figurines in there too... but recently they have become bath ya do.

Do it!! Keep it in there- you never know when you'll need it!!


3 hours later....

 Reward for waiting so long at the Drs!

Stopped by the music shop, this guy loves his instruments.

Miss Milla had a turn too... she didn't last long, but it was nice to see her upright.