Monday, May 13, 2013

Project: Little Sultan

Little Sultan finally got some attention today. Remember little Sultan the footstool? Named after the footstool on Beauty and the Beast.  He's been in use, working perfectly as a footstool for movie night and the kids love to sit on him. But his very plain, old-school exterior has been crying out for some attention for a while.

Today is that Day!

Turns out that "grass" looking thing on the picture is actually a crack, boo to that. 

While removing the top and tightening up the bolts I discovered one of the legs wasn't attached properly, which completely explains why no matter how many times I tightened the bolt on that leg it never got any tighter *annoying* 

Fix that up, watch Gilmore Girls while it dries ...

Painting the base, so I removed all the screws into the base in preparation. 

I'm thinking of painting Sultan yellowVery bright and fun, plus if I end up keeping it, it will match my decor perfectly. Yellow legs and vintage top? Or a bright top as well? ... who knows! I'll decide once I start searching for the perfect fabric. 

Put your screws into a ziplock bag and label it!

Storing the screws in a labelled ziplock bag cuts down loosing the essential screws and also ... for us blondes (Ok, I'm not blonde, but do have blonde moments!) It will help you remember why the heck you kept random screws! Ha!