Thursday, May 9, 2013

His & Hers Towels

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and your towel's damp? On a cold morning a damp towel is soooo not pleasant! 

Que the following scene....

"Honey!! You used my towel!!"
"No I didn't- that one's mine, this one's yours"
"No it's not, this one has always been mine"
"Nah, this hook is yours. This hook is mine"

... "But this towels wet too!!!"

Ha! Ok, maybe a little over-dramatic but still. You get the point right?

Check out my solution!!!
Personalized Hooks

This way there's no mix ups, and if you end up with a damp towel you have permission to run (completely soggy) after your love and crash tackle them cause they did it on purpose ;-)

Love it!


Ooo! Check out my new bedding!!

Navy Grey and White (reversible) striped cover with Yellow piped edging.
White Fitted sheet (yes I am thrilled with this purchase! I have been living with a ripped -straight across the middle, fitted sheet for months! There is only so long one can procrastinate getting a replacement!)

And Super cute Mr and Mrs Pillow slips!!
Early Mothers Day presents are the best!