Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!


There aint nothing better than a mum. I love my mum.

I'm a mum (Mom), it's one of the most stressful, non-studiable, on your toes, fly by the seat of your pants kind of job that I wouldn't ever ever change, nor give-up, not in a heartbeat.

This morning I woke up to Milla's face sitting about 2cm away from my nose. A big excited smile, grinning with anticipation.... "Mummy, It's Mummy's Day!!" 

She has waited 2 whole days to say that, ever since she wrapped her personally selected gift from the schools Mothers Day Stall. Set up so all the cute little buttons could bring their loose change and buy a precious somethin-or-rather for their mummy. 

Her gift was wrapped so beautifully in hand decorated paper, so I carefully took off all the tape (as she would have done) and low and behold there was a purple squishy heart. It had some writing on it... 

Mum, Ill love you to the
moon and back

Which is just by coincidence, I'm sure she just liked the purple heart part, but to our family, that quote it is a very regular part of our lives. 

Picture this.... David comes home from work, the kids go running up to him calling out with every single bound "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!"

Daddy scoops them both up and says the following:

 I love you with all of my... 
                                    Heart! Replies the kids
You are the apple of my...
                                   Eye!!  *giggles*
And I love you to the...
                                  Moon and Back! They cheer.

Melts this mummy's heart to hear it, and if I ask them what daddy says to them, they can quote it verbatim.  

That right there, is Happy Mothers Day for me.

At the movies to see Miffy 
(Longest hour of our lives!! But the Kids loved it)