Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hashtag Just Sayin'

It's a chocolate kind of day :-)

Hot chocolate, slippers, brownies....hmm yum. 

I have so much work to do and no chocolate to distract me... don't cha hate that!!

Oh! And!! ... nope it's gone.

Ok I need a coffee! HA!! 

That my friends is called: a Brain Fart

(bray.n.far.t) n. 1. To forget why you’re excited, in the midst of the excitement. 2. To completely go blank. 3. Yup.
[Kellie's dictionary of awesomeness]

I think I might try again some other time. Brain and I ain't communicating at all. 
Nite Ya'll

Friday, May 24, 2013

Smell the Roses

Some days are just a hive of activity. Some days are not. Today was not. Most of my days look like: unpack the dishwasher, pour out the breakfasts, make school lunches, chase the kids about to get dressed and ready to go... pause for a moment for coffee then remember to get dressed myself. 

I cannot count the amount of times that I would be half way to the car and have to run back inside to kick off my fluffy slippers and put real shoes on!

Does anyone else do that? No just me? Well, I wont tell you the time I had to drive back around the  block because I completely forgot a very vital undergarment! Yup. I've got maaaad skills. 

The rest of the day slipped away very uneventful. 
Even in uneventful days there are great moments, you know, if you stop and Smell the roses.  This little peaceful moment happened just before dinner....

My cheeky monkeys watching Kung Fu Panda for the first time. They were just mesmerised and they almost look like twins. Cutie little pa-tooties

OOooh! See little Sultans yellow legs?? I haven't done the top yet, but there's a sneaky peak for ya! ha!


The leaves are finally falling in my yard. My favorite!! 
All the colours just make me so happy!

Doesn't it make you happy too?? 

Picture driving down a lane with trees lining the sides all with bright orange and red and green and yellow leaves only just holding on while others dance in the wind and float down to the ground. The crisp fresh air feels so refreshing, mood lifting. It's like cotton candy for your eyes.

I was so excited to get out into the falling leaves that I put on my hubby's shoes... they are at least 4 sizes too big, it was like wearing gumboots and so bright I should have been wearing my sunnies to cope with the glare ha!

See! Bright hey!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Instagram Lovers Unite!


…you know you want to ;-)

See you there!!