Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project: Custom Spanish Sign

Let's just start off by saying I don't speak spanish, not at all... not even a smidgen. I had to learn language during school and I was pretty distracted by drawing on my hand with permanent marker and getting sent to the bathrooms to, attempt to (hello it was permanent marker!) wash it off instead of learning what I thought was Gobbledee-goop I totally didn't do that mum :-)

Foreign language is obviously not my strong point!

Language challenged me got sent a spanish quote along with the directions "Vertical 50 x 100 sign, dark timber" Only problem (apart from the obvious)... the quote was written horizontal! I had to send round a quick text to my brilliant bilingual friends to confirm how to separate the lines without cutting words in half. Can you imagine? It would be like saying 

You are my sun
Shine my only sun
Shine you
make me so hap

(How Awkward! right?! Word placement is important)

Chop Chop chop Paint Paint Paint....  

Custom Spanish Sign!!