Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Mistake.

 Have you ever deleted every single photo off your computer?


Last night, my computer was telling me how full she was, so I thought I'd transfer all my photos to the external hard drive so they were "safe". Iphoto wouldn't open properly cause it was so full, so I sent to the trash can a bunch of random old stuff that I didn't need.... clicked empty trash and low-and-behold deleted my entire library of photos.  *FAINT* 

Seems I got a little too click-happy while deleting the random old stuff and sent the iphoto library to the trash along with a bunch of wallpapers and word documents. 

This is me

Thankfully, David is amazing, smart and talented and my other very smart friend came to my rescue. 11pm David took over recovering my photos while I took my sick self to bed. I have a cold (Boohoo pity party for 1)   

I got most of my stuff back. Some is better than none. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you David and James!!! 

P.S I will never empty the computer trash again!!!