Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Day... aka... Top Tips for Potty Training Regression

Phoenix and I are having a home day, just me, him and a bunch of his toys. His little life has been rather hectic lately with visitors, conferences, more visitors, late nights, big days and easter bunny visits. And the business of life is showing up in one area... toilet-ing. (Just keepin' it real folks)

Today is the day we slow right down and celebrate the small wee-wee wins. Ha! 

Armed with a bunch of stickers and a few prizes, Milla at school and Daddy at work, Mummy with a full nights rest (Most importantly!!!)  Phoenix and I got down to business... 


I know today was meant to be focused on stopping to go to the loo
...but it has been so good for me to stop and play too

We did Pilate's together... he completely whooped my butt fitness-wise. 
Gotta start somewhere, even if it is Unfit-ville.

Check out all my stickers!

We discovered that Thomas has flat batteries. Phoenix, the genius child, set about to fix it. 
Sticky Tape was his solution. 
"All done" he beams

TOP TIPS for Potty Training Regression... Parents

(For me and you)


BREATHE!!!! You! not them. It can be so frustrating when you are washing and washing and changing and changing. *Huge eyeballs of rage popping out of your head* or is that just me?


Get a good nights sleep. It will help you feel less cranky the next day. Kids pick up when their parents are cranky, no matter how well you think your hiding it. It does effect them. Start the day fresh and awake (before them) not cranky and tired.


Think Positive, talk positive and act positive. Slow down for a day or two, give some one-on-one attention as much as possible. It will do you good and them. No negative attention for being wet, skip over it with as little attention as possible.

Line em' up

TOP TIPS for Potty Training Regression... Tots
(For your toddler/ young-in/munchkin/poocasso/wee machine/pumpkin)
    Have your inspirational supplies on hand: Stickers, presents, lollies, chocolate, food colouring (for the loo water). 

From the very start of the day, give a reward for being on the loo. You want to reinforce that going to the loo is a fun thing, a rewarding thing, after a few days you can faze the motivation out by forgetting to get it unless asked by your child.

Day 1 for Phoenix; if he gets two stickers he gets a surprise, 
                                       then 5 stickers a surprise, 
                                       then 10 stickers a surprise ( all 50c toys: play dough/car/Dino/lolly etc) 
... he is also getting to wee into different coloured water thanks to a few drops of food colouring

    Rephrase how you ask them to go to the toilet. 

"It's time to go to the toilet"
"After you put that car in the line, it's time to go to the toilet"
"In one minute we are going out, we will go to the toilet before we go out" 

Instead of do you need to? The answer to that is always no... if you take them after they say no, I can pretty much guarantee a power struggle.  

By rephrasing the question you give them no option, but there is room to finish what they are absorbed in and then go. Add in a few "tell mummy when you need to go toilet" throughout the day... not expecting them to answer, but just so they know they can tell you whenever they need.

    Have some fun together, be consistent.... and Step away from the diaper isle!!