Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Privacy Please

You walk up to a new house, you've never been there before, cannot tell if anyone is home. The door is closed,but the shades in the window beside the door are open.

Do you have a glance in to see if you can see anyone? Not rudely obviously! Just a glance to see if they didn't hear you knock.

I've found 10/10 can't help themselves, and well, guess where our window is? Yup. Right next to the door no sitting around in undies around here.

(Very dirty window)

(And excuse the Random bit of lint on camera)

Super-dooper easy to DIY! If you need a little bit of glass frosting head on down to a spray paint isle and grab a can of ...Glass Frosting! Ha! Pretty self-explanitory don't you think?

Frosted Glass... Lets in the light, keeps out the peepers.