Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project: Simple Upcycle Buffet Complete

You read the last post? You're ready for the painting of this Simple Buffet right? Great! All the plain build-build photos are in the last post, so come with me thru painting land. 

First coat, Baby Blue. It looks a tad darker in the photo, but it's more a sky blue. Plus a special Pj wearing, ipad playing, noodle eating, chatterbox, cute company hidden behind the baby blue buffet leg. 

Hey? Where did my company go?
sheesh, change ya colour and everyone disappears. 

White layer straight over the top, once dry, attack it with a sander.

I started with a hand sand to make it chippy, worn on both levels.

 After these photos, I took to it with the sander big time and added much more age and character to it.

 Wish I had some non fuzzy edged photos, but I forgot to take the filter off when taking them.

Up close of some of the detail.. before stain and clear top coat (and before a vacuum of the paint dust!)



I want you to see this "Before" Photo... but then forget what it looks like ok??

I had already started dismantling it and sorting through everything that has gathered on it...
Shame!! The shame!! When you see it, you will understand why I had plans to change and minimise this crap-collecting-corner.

Originally this buffet was going to have 3 drawers and 2 doors... Just never got around it it before I changed my mind... Oh and it wasn't this bad usually, I had just dumped everything to be sorted there as well... OK I'm ready

No I'm not ready!! Sorry eyeballs!!! 


OKAY! Forget that sight and look at this!

Bliss... Tranquillity... space.

Project: Simple Upcycled Buffet ....Complete.

Much better right?