Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pinterest Picks March 2013

My Pinterest Picks for March! Could have been all the Easter pins: Decorated eggs, painted eggs, chocolate eggs, easter ideas, easter decos etc since it's Easter and all, but I decided you could google those and I wouldn't and went for My Favourite spaces instead. Ha!

Something I firmly believe about an abode is this...  A home needs to reflect the occupants. Houses that look like show-houses on the inside with no quirks, personality or individualism are just no fun. Even Identical twins vary on some level, shouldn't our residence too then reflect this?  

Don't even get me started on the new suburbs where every house looks the same!! "Yeah come over to my house, it's the 25th white brick with grey windows house on the left..." wha? Hello? Personality knocking? Got any room for me?

Okie-Dokie! Lets add a little flair to our spaces! Here we go!

Pinterest Picks
My Favourite Spaces!

World Map feature wall? yes please!

This is a sliding door. Using wallpaper they have completely transformed it! 

“I don’t really think much. It really just happens. And ‘far from perfect’ is perfect to me.”
 - Jenny 

These two favourite space photos (both from the same house) feature on Design Sponge. There are a bunch more photos of this particular abode, just click the link.  Oh to live in such a creative space!


{Found on Pinterest here, no original link though}


For the love of all things

I love eclectic.... space-loving, minimalist, eclectic.
not hoarding.

Eclectic baby room?  Awesome! 

More Eclectic Kids room ideas at Boo and the Boy 

Bright and eclectic studio space (in Australia)


Quick Pins

Favorite spaces, quick view! Boom Boom Boom!




Step out of the box, 
Make your house a home