Monday, March 18, 2013

Jump On The Mattress

Have you ever taken the time to jump on a mattress? Do you know why every kid has it inbuilt to jump on their bed??

Because it's super-dooper fun!

It could be that there is a sense of sneaky-cheeky-disobeying-the-rules type thing going on, or it could be that no matter how hard you try to be cool, calm and collected, the moment you step on you immediately transform into a giggly two year old. 

As I was looking at newborn photos of Miss Moos, seriously stunning newborn by the way (non bias opinion right there people), I came across the following photos... 


It took us a good 6 years, but we had finally bought our very first good quality mattress. Our old queen mattress, which my hubby bought in his college years, was headed to the trash collection. YAY!

For two whole days it sat on our front grass, looking mighty tacky and lonely. Then one day we pulled into the driveway and it suddenly dawned on us...

Jump on it!!! 

So so so so so much fun!!

It was such crazy fun, now, every time I see a mattress out for pick up, I desperately want to pull over and jump on it! ...and then I guess I would let the kids out to have a jump too.

Sometimes ya just gotta break the rules...