Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coffee Break Time

Sometimes we craft because it's rainy outside, sometimes we craft because I'd like the kids to practice a new skill, sometimes we craft because they ask....

Sometimes we craft so I can sit and have coffee. This is that time.

We are home with "Chicken Pox" 
...can you see? don't they look sick?... not! 4 spots between them and a whole week off school. 
(Mummy is going a tad stir crazy, hence the coffee break)

Foam shape stamps

We do shirts off for painting time. Saves on clean up

Sharing colours. 
Milla's painting a newspaper page (her choice). Phoenix is painting an empty fruit bars box. 

Look at the determination in his eyes and grip. Splodge-splodge-scribble-scribble

While this one has a delicate touch and precise lines.

What do you do to get a 5 min coffee break?