Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bring on the Chocolate!

 Easter Hats 

It's Easter Hat Parade time at School. Unfortunately, I don't get to make it... boohoo! I must admit that my competitive "I wanna win!" kicked in and I had the urge to dominate the Kindy competition. Make some 5 year olds cry with the epic-creativeness of my tear-enducing, heart-touching, fun-loving, colourful, expressive, Easter Hat. 

Then I remembered that it's Milla's project. 

Okay fine, I wont make the 5 year olds cry. Ha!

We piled all her crafts into a bag to take to school tomorrow (Oh! and snuck in some glitter that I really didn't want to open at home. Did you know glitter is evil?) Milla and her buddies will decorate their ice cream container easter hats and it will be beautiful. 

While I was on this gracious let-them-express-themselves train, Phoenix and I made him a Ice Cream Easter Hat too.

 Check out the mess we made!!

We used lots and lots of sticky tape.

P.S I bet he wears it to school drop off tomorrow... sexy. 

Easter Ice cream hats 

Now let's turn these buckets the right way up and fill it with Chocolate! Yummo!!