Friday, March 1, 2013

Autumn/Spring, Change Is Here.

Do you ever feel like you've skipped a day? Like one moment you're on the 28th and then all of a sudden you're at the 1st?

Ha! We have! We all blinked and missed a day. So I would like to take a brief moment to say...

For all those who rarely get to see their birthday.

In other news

Welcome to Autumn!!


Welcome to Spring... Depending on where you are in the world.

How magnificent is the changing of the seasons? The air changes, the smells change, your wardrobe changes and for some reason I feel like the whole world is united in the same season. Autumn, a chilled version of summer, and Spring, a warm version of Winter. A balanced crispness is everywhere. 

We are entering Autumn, the leaves on our trees will eventually turn orange and yellow. They will float down and land on the grass. I will, no doubt, be out there weekly raking them up into piles, while the kids proceed to run through them. Speeding up the clean up process by about negative 100%. 

 I hope the kids will remember Autumn as the season of gumboots and running through leaves. So much so, that when they are adults they will feel a compulsion to run through any pile of leaves they see. Just as their daddy does every time it rains, cue *dancing in the rain*  

Either way, which ever season you are entering: Autumn or Spring, take the time to enjoy it!! 
Start something new, give something a go. A new season, a fresh start.  

Much love!