Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Little Rustic Empty Picture Frame

Remember my empty picture frame that I painted red for Christmas? Before it was Red it was Duck Egg Blue and before that, White. I change it all the time, depending on my mood, the decor, the holiday, the wind direction, you know, any excuse to get crafty! 

What?? Says Phoenix? Again mum!? 

Okay, bring it on...

Little bit of elbow grease and we get a rustic, well worn, picture-less frame. I love that the other coats of paint are showing through along with some raw timber. Shows a little of the colour history the frame has endured.

 I love this little frame and the fun I can have with it.

The next Piano "mantel" is set up... till I get bored again.
Next might be another top coat and then a stain on the exposed edges? Who knows!!

The saga of the Empty Picture Frame continues!!