Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spray Paint On The Walls

No joke. I just spray painted on the wall! Ha!

I love this little quote that I've seen floating around Pinterest lately. I'm not sure where it originated from so I can't tell you who originally penned it, but here's its Linky-loo so you can see where it's from... {Quote Source}

Our Studio Garage is where a lot of creativity happens, and being willing to leap in and believe in your own ideas has a huge part to play in creating. What better place to have this quote??!! 

Very Grunge-meets-Simplicity-meets-Minimalism I think.
No formal frames to box it in, how artsy!

Curiosity meets Crazy Face.

Leap out in creativity! 


In other news!

I have moved art studio space again, as we are lending out my art studio white room to a friend who needs a room for a bit.

So I have invaded the Man cave!! Which happily, David is okay with, phew! I've set up my desk so I can watch his cute butt the whole time... ok! I see why he likes it now. Haha! 

It's a work in progress...

Can you tell which is my side?
Fluffy rug, hearts, drill, paint brushes? 

Eventually there will be walls, but hey, one thing at a time. 

Me, trying to look cool in my new space.