Monday, February 25, 2013

Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Pink

The rain has stopped, yet it's so humid that every bent limb starts raining the moment you step outside. Ok, so that may just be a poetic way of saying it's so muggy, I'm sweating up a storm. But I'd rather read bend limb than arm pit... gah yucky! ha!

So what do I do on a muggy day? Yup, dismantle a pallet. What a hot mess I was after that! But I had a cute view...
My view 

Phoenix was making mud castles... with his sisters hot pink safety headphones on! Ha! I usually steal them for when I'm doing work, but today they adorned his noggin' (I had earplugs instead). Well, I've got to look after his ears too. 


Completely oblivious to everything around him, rockin' the pink like it's cool, and digging in the mud. 

Mud pies for everyone! 
Much love.