Friday, February 8, 2013

Project: Denim Blue Outdoor Toy Box

Does your back yard look like mine? Toys scattered everywhere? It's like a war zone sometimes, like debris from a kid cyclone that took only 1 minute to destroy all your dreams hard work.

I have had a plan to make an outdoor toy box in my mind for some time now, and today, finally I had time to construct it.

 I got this screwdriver for Christmas!! It is amazing! You lean it to the right and it screws in, you lean it to the left and it unscrews. Wonderful! I used to change the bit in the drill back and forth depending on what I needed... this saves me so much time (and effort!)

Threw together some sides...

 Ta-Dah. A large Outdoor Toy Box.

Phoenix was pretty impressed

What's the difference between an inside toy box and an outdoor one?
Lots of gaps between the boards to let the water/dirt/etc drain through.

 Colour: Royal Blue base coat and lightly sprayed matt white top coat. 
Hardwood Fence Palings that I cut to the size. 

I think I will add some text on the side...I just haven't decided what that text will be. 
Maybe... Drop Box, or Pirate Treasure or something like that. 

I will also add some little legs, to lift it up. So it doesn't sit in any wet on the cement. 
To the Backyard it goes!



Argh, She be holding lost treasures in 'er she be.

Stencils and spray paint...

The Toy box has been named.
Treasure Chest.