Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Picks January 2013

Thrifty "Vintage" looking furniture is booming in popularity, every home magazine has a feature on it, and it's all over Pinterest like a heat rash in summer.  I love it too. I love that a piece of furniture that could potentially just become landfill is, in a few easy steps transformed into a "new" and much more attractive statement piece.

DIY Furniture Makeovers!

And the best thing about these links is they have TUTORIALS!! Yay!

Chair Make over- HELLO! 

This amazing Desk!

There's no tutorial, however she said she used Mod Podge and fabric. I just love how dramatic it is! Stunning hey?! Va Va Voom!

Super cute coffee table. Was almost trash, but instead it was lovingly rescued! 

Ever thought about having Graphic detailed drawers? I like them!

Chevron? Herringbone?... a lick of paint and a transformation occurs!

Reading others DIY and tutorials has given me so many more skills than what I started with. I am ever so grateful for all the other bloggers out there who add on instructions on what they did. THANKS!!! And keep up the good work! I will do my best to keep my DIY's coming too xx

I don't own any of these Photos!! I did my best to add the original posters link under each photo. Please respect their photos! 

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