Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Picks: February 2013

DIY Helpful Tricks!

Who doesn't want to know all the secrets of the trade??!! Some of my most favourite blogs (and sites) are the ones who spill all their secrets and let us know how they make things or the cheats to get to the end product quicker.

So here we go!

This one has two great tricks. 

One: How to make a projector!! I am very blessed to have a projector, but if you don't, here's a sneaky-sneaky awesome way to recreate the same thing.

Two: How to easily paint a large mural on your walls... (This is an awesome thing to know... hint hint- larger than life picture on a canvas maybe hmm-hmm? Just like my canvas project HERE)

Who wouldnt want to know how to  distress furniture easy??!!

"...I learned about this stuff that transforms acrylic craft paint into fabric paint.  It's called Textile Medium." -Carmel 
Shaaaweet! A Painting on fabric, thrifty little trick! Plus! Who hasn't wondered what that textile Medium does??!! aaand now we know.

Finally! A guide list of Mod Podge and what they are for! 
Mod Podge this, Mod Podge that, home-made Mod Podge... podge, podge, podge.

Before and After Basics: Waxing Tips 

Making furniture look Antique with wax. How super cute is this little dresser?? Add a little wax and a whole world of texture and depth has erupted! Love it.

Want a DIY for a vintage wood stain?

The little trick of steal wool or pennies in vinegar is a huge hit around Pinterest. I love that it's DIY, smells much better than real stain and made with every day things... very cool!


This is my handy find for the day (as I haven't Pin'd it just yet).... Glazing paint!! From... Drum roll...

A variety of colours, great price, and they also have beeswax polish and outdoor glazing paint. Oh and water clean up, my fav. (Pictured is Antique)

I'm excited by this because "Glazing Paint" is tricky to find for some reason... and if you say glazing paint to the sales assistant at hardware shops they look at you like you've just said "gobble gobble gooky gook gooken?" Random I know. 

So when one finds these things, one just has to share.


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